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What you get as a sign up bonus for using the referral link or referral code at Wear Pact

Get a 20% discount voucher off your first order at Wear Pact when you sign up using the referral link

What is the minimum spend

No minimum spend required to get the Wear Pact refer a friend sign up bonus

Wear Pact Referral Code

Wear Pact does not use referral codes however it does have a referral link you can use




Wear Pact, a rapidly growing clothing brand, has carved a name for itself in the sustainable and ethical fashion industry. Rooted in the philosophy that quality, style, and sustainability should effortlessly coexist, Wear Pact provides an extensive range of everyday apparel essentials designed to minimize the environmental footprint and promote a healthier lifestyle for consumers. The brand offers a diverse array of clothing options such as underwear, loungewear, activewear, sleepwear, and essentials for men, women, and children. Established in 2009 by Brendan Synnott, Wear Pacts underlying mission is to create a positive change in the fashion industry by using only organic and Fair Trade certified cotton. This cotton is grown in organic and non-GMO farming methods without toxic chemicals, benefiting both the farmers and the environment. By choosing such materials, the brand plays a pivotal role in protecting human health, preserving the environment, and supporting ethical labor practices. To ensure the highest quality products, Wear Pact partners with Fair Trade Certified and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified factories. These certifications not only guarantee the organic integrity of their products but also enforce stringent social and environmental guidelines during the production process. As a result, Wear Pact creates ethically designed clothing that does not compromise on comfort, fit, or style. One of the most appealing aspects of Wear Pact clothing is its unparalleled softness stemming from the organic cotton used in its fabrics. This eco-friendly and chemical-free material not only provides optimum comfort but also possesses hypoallergenic properties. Organic cottons breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities contribute to the unparalleled quality of Wear Pacts offerings. Besides, the brand also incorporates elastane and other blended materials to improve the flexibility, durability, and performance of the apparel. True to its commitment to minimizing its carbon footprint, Wear Pact takes various measures to reduce waste throughout the production process. This includes being mindful of packaging, using biodegradable and compostable bags, and avoiding overproduction. Moreover, with their Give Back. Wear Forward program, the brand encourages customers to return their shopped items that have reached the end of their lifecycle. Wear Pact then recycles these products, ensuring a sustainable and zero-waste approach. In terms of style, Wear Pact offers a mix of timeless casual designs and modern functionality that cater to the preferences and needs of various individuals. Their collection features minimalist and sleek designs, such as plain tees, monochromatic leggings, and lounge sets. The understated aesthetics make it simple for consumers to mix and match pieces within the collection, creating versatile outfits suitable for various occasions. Affordability is another significant aspect of the Wear Pact brand. Despite offering eco-friendly and ethically produced clothing, the brand strives to provide affordability without sacrificing quality. Their competitive prices make sustainable clothing more accessible to a broader audience, ultimately driving positive change within the industry. In conclusion, Wear Pact positions itself as a leader in sustainable and ethical fashion by creating premium quality everyday essentials that promote a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle. With its commitment to organic materials, environmental responsibility, and ethical labor practices, the brand demonstrates that style, sustainability, and affordability can coexist harmoniously. Wear Pacts extensive range of essential apparel serves as an invitation for consumers to experience the benefits of environmentally friendly and ethically produced clothing while contributing to a healthier and cleaner world.

Does Wear Pact still do referral codes?

Yes this retailer currently has an active referral marketing program or sometimes known as a referral marketing campaign that you can sign up to and get a unique referral code or a unique referral link which you can send to your friends as long as they are a new customer.

What countries is this available in


How To Find Your Own Unique Referral On The Website So You Can Refer Your Friend

  1. If you are wondering "how can I find my referral code" then follow these steps below:
  2. Go to the Wear Pact website
  3. Sign in or sign up using the referral details above
  4. Go to My Account page
  5. Click on Share
  6. Enter your email address
  7. Copy your referral link
  8. Share with friends
  9. Once a friend or family member uses your referral and makes a purchase, you will be rewarded with $20 store credit which you can spend online at Wear Pact. This store credit stacks meaning that if you refer muliple people then you can build up store credit and get items for free

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Does Wear Pact still do referral codes in 2023?

Wear Pact referral code 2023 - Yes currently they still have active referral codes

What is the minimum withdrawal threshold?

There is no minimum withdrawal threshold for Wear Pact meaning you can use any amount of store credit to get money off your purchases

Are referral codes optional?

All referral codes on Find A Referral Code are optional and you don't have to use them. However if you choose to sign up to a website without using a referral then you will miss out on the referral reward and it wont be possible to get it again as you are no longer a new customer. If you choose to sign up to retailers without a referral, you will still be able to access the referral programs/referral schemes and can still refer your own friends and families.

What if I forgot to enter my referral code during sign up?

Unfortunately if you or your friend forgets to enter the code or link then you will not receieve a reward. Your only option is to delete and make a new account, this time using the referral when you sign up. Please check the retail's Terms and Conditions first to see if its okay to delete your account.

Can I customize my code or link?

They will assign you a randomized code which will look like a unique combination of numbers and characters and so it is not possible to customize it.

Can I see how many people I have successfully referred?

Currently the only way to see how many people you have successfully referred is to check your emails to see how many notificaiton emails they sent regarding a successful referral. There isn't any way to see referral status information on their website.

What is the difference between referral codes and referral links?

A Referral Code is a unique combination of special characters and numbers that are specific to you that you send to a friend and they will manually enter the code on the website. A Referral Link is a unique url that is specific to you that you send to a friend and they will click the link. Using the link will automatically apply the referral.

Can I own referral codes for different websites?

You can sign up to as many different referral schemes as you want. There is no limit and you are not exclusive to only one website.

Where can I promote my referrals

Apart from directly sending your codes and links to friends and family, you can promote them on your social media accounts such as Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook etc. You can also promote them on subreddits such as r/Referrals or r/InviteCodes. You could potentially use tools such as Zapier to automate your promoting however you will have to check each of the retailers terms and conditions to make sure this is allowed.

Are codes reusable or do I have to regenerate a code?

You don't have to regenerate your code after someone uses it. Multiple people can use your code however there may be a maximum amount of people that can use your code.

How is a referral code different from a promo code?

A referral code is primarily used for referring others to a product or service, while a promo code (also known as a promotion code, coupon code, or discount code) is typically a standalone code that provides discounts or special offers during a purchase which you apply on the checkout screen.

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Please note that there may be a minimum spend required for a voucher or discount to work. Check Wear Pact's Terms and Conditions for more details.

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Get a 20% discount voucher off your first order at Wear Pact when you sign up using the referral link