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Get a 25% discount voucher off your first clothes haul at Pretty Little Thing

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No minimum spend required to get the Pretty Little Thing refer a friend sign up bonus

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Pretty Little Thing does not use referral codes however it does have a referral link you can use

How To Apply The Pretty Little Thing Referral Link or Where To Enter The Pretty Little Thing Referral Code

Referral Landing Page for Pretty Little Thing
  1. Click on the referral link listed above
  2. Enter your email address to get a referral discount voucher code sent to your email
  3. The discount voucher is valid for 14 days




Pretty Little Thing is a contemporary, fast-fashion brand that has quickly gained a strong reputation for offering the latest trends in womens clothing at affordable prices. Founded in 2012 by brothers, Umar and Adam Kamani, the UK-based online retail company has quickly made its mark in the fashion industry, rapidly becoming one of the leading fashion destinations for fashion-forward females worldwide. The brand initially gained prominence by catering to an audience keen on staying up to date with current fashion trends without breaking the bank, attracting a large social media following. Pretty Little Thing offers a diverse range of products that include dresses, loungewear, activewear, swimwear, footwear, and accessories. Customers have a wide selection of clothing options available for various occasions, from comfortable everyday wear to glitzy outfits for a night out on the town. What sets Pretty Little Thing apart from other online fashion retailers is its strong emphasis on inclusivity. As a brand that is committed to making fashion accessible to women of all shapes and sizes, they offer an extensive range of sizes, from petite to plus size, ensuring that everyone can find something that suits their style and body type. Collaborations with high-profile influencers and celebrities have also contributed to the brands notoriety. Pretty Little Thing has forged partnerships with the likes of Kylie Jenner, Sofia Richie, and more recently, former Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague. Such collaborations have greatly helped the brand reach new audiences and establish itself as a competitive player in the ever-growing online retail industry. Always keeping customers in mind, Pretty Little Thing continually updates its website with new arrivals daily, ensuring it stays ahead of emerging trends. The brand is also known for offering frequent sales and promotions, making it even more appealing for those on a budget. In conclusion, Pretty Little Thing represents a fresh, bold, and dynamic take on fast fashion. Constantly evolving and pushing boundaries, the brand has attracted a loyal customer base that appreciates its mission to make fashionable and trendy clothing accessible to all women, irrespective of their shape or size.

Does Pretty Little Thing still do referral codes?

Yes this retailer currently has an active referral marketing program or sometimes known as a referral marketing campaign that you can sign up to and get a unique referral code or a unique referral link which you can send to your friends as long as they are a new customer.

What countries is this available in


How To Find Your Own Unique Referral On The Website So You Can Refer Your Friend

  1. If you are wondering "how can I find my referral code" then follow these steps below:
  2. Go to the Pretty Little Thing website
  3. Sign in or sign up using the referral details above
  4. Click on the Profile symbol at the top of the page
  5. Click Refer a Friend
  6. Choose your method for sharing your referral link
  7. Email, Social Media or by URL Link

Extra Discounts and Promo Codes

  1. Pretty Little Thing TopCashback - Get up to 8% cashback
  2. Pretty Little Thing Quidco - Get up to 3% cashback
  3. Qmee - Earn 5% cashback
  4. Pretty Little Thing Student Beans - Up to 70% off + extra 15% Pretty Little Thing Student Discount
  5. Pretty Little Thing Unidays - Get up to 70% off sitewide and an extra 15% off sale items

Bonus Tips

  1. Most websites don't allow you to combine referral rewards and discounts, promotions, promo codes or coupon codes in a single purchase however many websites allow you to combine cashback and other rewards.
  2. To maximise rewards and discounts:
  3. Sign up to Pretty Little Thing using the referral link above
  4. Go to TopCashback , Quidco or Qmee website and look for Pretty Little Thing
  5. Click the Get Cashback button
  6. This allows you to combine the referral rewards and any cashbash bonuses that are available

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Does Pretty Little Thing still do referral codes in 2023?

Pretty Little Thing referral code 2023 - Yes currently they still have active referral codes

Are referral codes optional?

All referral codes on Find A Referral Code are optional and you don't have to use them. However if you choose to sign up to a website without using a referral then you will miss out on the referral reward and it wont be possible to get it again as you are no longer a new customer. If you choose to sign up to retailers without a referral, you will still be able to access the referral programs/referral schemes and can still refer your own friends and families.

What if I forgot to enter my referral code during sign up?

Unfortunately if you or your friend forgets to enter the code or link then you will not receieve a reward. Your only option is to delete and make a new account, this time using the referral when you sign up. Please check the retail's Terms and Conditions first to see if its okay to delete your account.

Can I customize my code or link?

They will assign you a randomized code which will look like a unique combination of numbers and characters and so it is not possible to customize it.

Can I see how many people I have successfully referred?

Currently the only way to see how many people you have successfully referred is to check your emails to see how many notificaiton emails they sent regarding a successful referral. There isn't any way to see referral status information on their website.

What is the difference between referral codes and referral links?

A Referral Code is a unique combination of special characters and numbers that are specific to you that you send to a friend and they will manually enter the code on the website. A Referral Link is a unique url that is specific to you that you send to a friend and they will click the link. Using the link will automatically apply the referral.

Can I own referral codes for different websites?

You can sign up to as many different referral schemes as you want. There is no limit and you are not exclusive to only one website.

Where can I promote my referrals

Apart from directly sending your codes and links to friends and family, you can promote them on your social media accounts such as Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook etc. You can also promote them on subreddits such as r/Referrals or r/InviteCodes. You could potentially use tools such as Zapier to automate your promoting however you will have to check each of the retailers terms and conditions to make sure this is allowed.

Are codes reusable or do I have to regenerate a code?

You don't have to regenerate your code after someone uses it. Multiple people can use your code however there may be a maximum amount of people that can use your code.

How is a referral code different from a promo code?

A referral code is primarily used for referring others to a product or service, while a promo code (also known as a promotion code, coupon code, or discount code) is typically a standalone code that provides discounts or special offers during a purchase which you apply on the checkout screen.

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Get a 25% discount voucher off your first clothes haul at Pretty Little Thing