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What you get as a sign up bonus for using the referral link or referral code at Brooklinen

You get $25 off your first purchase over $100

What is the minimum spend

There is a $100 minimum spend required for the referral discount code to work

How To Apply The Brooklinen Referral Link or Where To Enter The Brooklinen Referral Code

  1. Click on the referral link listed above




Brooklinen is a contemporary luxury bedding and home essentials brand that aims to deliver high-quality products at an accessible price point. Founded in 2014 by Rich and Vicki Fulop, the Brooklyn-based company disrupted the traditional bedding industry by using a direct-to-consumer model, thus eliminating the middleman expenses and enabling them to offer premium products without the luxury markup. With a strong commitment to quality and comfort, Brooklinen has quickly gained a loyal customer base and has become a recognizable name in the world of online bedding retail. At the core of the Brooklinen offering are its carefully curated sheet sets, duvet covers, and pillowcases crafted from all-natural fibers. The brand is particularly known for its Classic and Luxe collections, which offer percale and sateen weave options, as well as its lightweight Linen collection for an elevated, breezy sleeping experience. Brooklinen also provides various bundles for customers to mix and match their preferred bedding essentials, such as the bestselling Hardcore Bundle with a complete sheet set, duvet cover, and extra pillowcases that cater to diverse personal preferences and styles. Brooklinens dedication to comfort and quality goes beyond bedding, as the company also offers a range of other home essentials, including plush bath towels, cozy robes, absorbent shower curtains, and stylish home décor items. Additionally, the brand recently introduced a line of loungewear, featuring loungewear sets, sweatpants, and tees for all-day comfort. The company also places great importance on sustainability and ethical practices, boasting partnerships with responsible manufacturers that adhere to eco-friendly and labor standards. Customers adore Brooklinen for its attention to detail, exceptional customer service, and reasonable pricing. With impeccable craftsmanship, durable materials, and timeless designs, Brooklinen ensures that customers have a luxurious and restful experience whether they are lounging, sleeping, or pampering themselves at home. The company has solidified its position as a leader in the modern bedding industry, making luxury and comfort accessible to all.

Does Brooklinen still do referral codes?

Yes this retailer currently has an active referral marketing program or sometimes known as a referral marketing campaign that you can sign up to and get a unique referral code or a unique referral link which you can send to your friends as long as they are a new customer.

What countries is this available in


How To Find Your Own Unique Referral On The Website So You Can Refer Your Friend

  1. If you are wondering "how can I find my referral code" then follow these steps below:
  2. Go to the Brooklinen website

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What is the minimum withdrawal threshold?

You can spend your points once you meet the minimum withdrawal threshold of 400 points

Does your rewards and vouchers expire?

Your points will begin to expire 2 years after you earn them

Can I customize my code or link?

They will assign you a randomized code which will look like a unique combination of numbers and characters and so it is not possible to customize it.

Can I see how many people I have successfully referred?

Currently the only way to see how many people you have successfully referred is to check your emails to see how many notificaiton emails they sent regarding a successful referral. There isn't any way to see referral status information on their website.

Common Frequently Asked Questions About Referral Codes

Does Brooklinen still do referral codes in 2024?
Brooklinen referral code 2024 - Yes currently they still have active referral codes
Are referral codes optional?
All referral codes on Find A Referral Code are optional and you dont have to use them. However if you choose to sign up to a website without using a referral then you will miss out on the referral reward and it wont be possible to get it again as you are no longer a new customer. If you choose to sign up to retailers without a referral, you will still be able to access the referral programs/referral schemes and can still refer your own friends and families.
What if I forgot to enter my referral code during sign up?
Unfortunately if you or your friend forgets to enter the code or link then you will not receieve a reward. Your only option is to delete and make a new account, this time using the referral when you sign up. Please check the retailers Terms and Conditions first to see if its okay to delete your account.
What is the difference between referral codes and referral links?
A Referral Code is a unique combination of special characters and numbers that are specific to you that you send to a friend and they will manually enter the code on the website. A Referral Link is a unique url that is specific to you that you send to a friend and they will click the link. Using the link will automatically apply the referral.
Can I own referral codes from multiple websites?
You can sign up to as many different referral schemes and invitation referral programmes as you want. There is no limit to the number of invite codes and you are not exclusive to only one website.
Where can I promote my referrals?
Apart from directly sending your codes and links to friends and family, you can promote them on your social media accounts such as Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook etc. You can also promote them on subreddits such as r/FindAReferralCode, r/Referrals or r/InviteCodes. You could potentially use tools such as Zapier to automate your promoting however you will have to check each of the retailers terms and conditions to make sure this is allowed.
Are codes reusable or do I have to regenerate a code?
You dont have to regenerate your code after someone uses it. Multiple people can use your code however there may be a maximum amount of people that can use your code.
How is a referral code different from a promo code?
A referral code is primarily used for referring others to a product or service, while a promo code (also known as a promotion code, coupon code, or discount code) is typically a standalone code that provides discounts or special offers during a purchase which you apply on the checkout screen.
Why is my Brooklinen refer a friend not working?
If you recommend a friend or someone sends you a Brooklinen recommend a friend invite and its not working or you arent receiving the reward discount, then the main causes are usually that you are not meeting the minimum spend (excluding shipping and tax charges), the codes or link they have sent you is expired, or that you have already ordered from Brooklinen in the past as most refer a friend schemes only apply to new customers who are ordering or signing up to Brooklinen for the first time.

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Please note that there may be a minimum spend required for a voucher or discount to work. Check Brooklinen's Terms and Conditions for more details.

If the Referral Link or Referral Code does not work then please use the Contact Form below: