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What you get as a sign up bonus for using the referral link or referral code at Bohomoon

Get a £10 discount voucher code off your first order at Bohomoon when you sign up using the referral link

What is the minimum spend

There is a £50 minimum spend required for the referral discount code to work




Bohomoon: A Celestial Haven for Accessorizing the Free-Spirited Fashionista In a world awash with fast fashion and fleeting trends, Bohomoon is a celestial oasis that caters to fashion-savvy souls seeking an exclusive selection of distinctive accessories. An online boutique founded in 2015, this brand embodies the divine union of bohemian chic and the ethereal allure of the cosmos. From celestial chokers to dainty layered necklaces and mystic rings, its unique creations enhance the personal style of free-spirited fashionistas with an unwavering eye for detail. Navigating the enchanting virtual realm of Bohomoon is akin to embarking on a mystical treasure hunt amid a galaxy of stars. Each piece available for purchase is lovingly handpicked to capture the essence of the modern-day bohemian, blending minimalist sophistication with a touch of the wild and whimsical. The brands commitment to curating a specially tailored and original selection of accessories is manifest through its varied and extensive product range. Jewelry forms the core of the veritable treasure trove that awaits exploration on Bohomoons website. As one sifts through the beautifully curated assortment of necklaces, chokers, rings, bracelets, and earrings, it becomes apparent that the brand draws its primary inspiration from the free-flowing and uninhibited bohemian spirit. In addition, the celestial theme lends a touch of magic and mystery to the designs, resulting in accessories that can effortlessly take center stage in any outfit. The appeal of Bohomoon extends far beyond the realm of jewelry, reaching into the enticing world of body adornments. From ornate septum rings and nose studs that add a touch of edge to ones persona to the temporary metallic tattoos that shimmer like stardust on the skin, each piece is designed to accentuate the uniqueness and innate beauty of its wearer. The brand also offers a selection of on-trend hair accessories, such as bejeweled hairpins and decorative combs that can instantly transform ones locks into a mesmerizing cascade of moonlit waves. Bohomoons penchant for unique and innovative accessory designs is perhaps best illustrated by its range of sunglasses. Available in a variety of avant-garde styles and colors, these sunglasses are the epitome of boho-chic meets cosmic cool. From oversized frames adorned with crystals to sleek cat-eye silhouettes, every pair makes a bold statement, inviting its wearer to see the world through a different lens. Beyond its diverse selection of accessories, Bohomoon aims to offer its clientele a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. The brand is committed to providing exceptional customer service, with the belief that every interaction should leave the customer feeling valued and satisfied. Recognizing the influence of social media on modern fashion trends, Bohomoon maintains an active presence on platforms like Instagram, where it showcases its offerings and connects with its customer base. In a nutshell, Bohomoon extends a captivating invitation to the adventurous and the unconventional, beckoning them to explore the ever-evolving universe of bohemian and celestial-inspired accessories. Rooted in the pursuit of personal expression through an array of exclusive products, this online sanctuary is a dream come true for those with the indomitable spirit of the cosmos coursing through their veins. So, as the moon waxes and wanes, above but never dictating, let your style grow and evolve with the eclectic beauty that is Bohomoon.

Does Bohomoon still do referral codes?

Yes this retailer currently has an active referral marketing program or sometimes known as a referral marketing campaign that you can sign up to and get a unique referral code or a unique referral link which you can send to your friends as long as they are a new customer.

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Can I customize my code or link?

They will assign you a randomized code which will look like a unique combination of numbers and characters and so it is not possible to customize it.

Can I see how many people I have successfully referred?

Currently the only way to see how many people you have successfully referred is to check your emails to see how many notificaiton emails they sent regarding a successful referral. There isn't any way to see referral status information on their website.

Common Frequently Asked Questions About Referral Codes

Does Bohomoon still do referral codes in 2024?
Bohomoon referral code 2024 - Yes currently they still have active referral codes
Are referral codes optional?
All referral codes on Find A Referral Code are optional and you dont have to use them. However if you choose to sign up to a website without using a referral then you will miss out on the referral reward and it wont be possible to get it again as you are no longer a new customer. If you choose to sign up to retailers without a referral, you will still be able to access the referral programs/referral schemes and can still refer your own friends and families.
What if I forgot to enter my referral code during sign up?
Unfortunately if you or your friend forgets to enter the code or link then you will not receieve a reward. Your only option is to delete and make a new account, this time using the referral when you sign up. Please check the retailers Terms and Conditions first to see if its okay to delete your account.
What is the difference between referral codes and referral links?
A Referral Code is a unique combination of special characters and numbers that are specific to you that you send to a friend and they will manually enter the code on the website. A Referral Link is a unique url that is specific to you that you send to a friend and they will click the link. Using the link will automatically apply the referral.
Can I own referral codes from multiple websites?
You can sign up to as many different referral schemes and invitation referral programmes as you want. There is no limit to the number of invite codes and you are not exclusive to only one website.
Where can I promote my referrals?
Apart from directly sending your codes and links to friends and family, you can promote them on your social media accounts such as Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook etc. You can also promote them on subreddits such as r/FindAReferralCode, r/Referrals or r/InviteCodes. You could potentially use tools such as Zapier to automate your promoting however you will have to check each of the retailers terms and conditions to make sure this is allowed.
Are codes reusable or do I have to regenerate a code?
You dont have to regenerate your code after someone uses it. Multiple people can use your code however there may be a maximum amount of people that can use your code.
How is a referral code different from a promo code?
A referral code is primarily used for referring others to a product or service, while a promo code (also known as a promotion code, coupon code, or discount code) is typically a standalone code that provides discounts or special offers during a purchase which you apply on the checkout screen.
Why is my Bohomoon refer a friend not working?
If you recommend a friend or someone sends you a Bohomoon recommend a friend invite and its not working or you arent receiving the reward discount, then the main causes are usually that you are not meeting the minimum spend (excluding shipping and tax charges), the codes or link they have sent you is expired, or that you have already ordered from Bohomoon in the past as most refer a friend schemes only apply to new customers who are ordering or signing up to Bohomoon for the first time.

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Please note that there may be a minimum spend required for a voucher or discount to work. Check Bohomoon's Terms and Conditions for more details.

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