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A personal styling service that sends individually picked clothing and accessories items for a one-time styling fee. Based on a survey that you complete when you sign up, Stitch Fix will create a personalised style based on the budget you set and then send you out the items based on your style, size and fit. Once the items arrive, you can try them on from the comfort of your own home and then simply decide which ones you want to keep and which to return. With Stitch Fix you can decide between a one-off delivery or you can schedule automatic deliveries.

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Extra Discounts

  1. Quidco - Get £3.20 cashback

Bonus Tips

  1. To maximise rewards and discounts:
  2. Sign up to Stitch Fix using the referral link above
  3. Go to Quidco website and look for Stitch Fix
  4. Click the Get Cashback button
  5. This allows you to combine the referral rewards and any cashbash bonuses that are available

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