How To Get Unlimited Wine For £32 A Month

Everyone loves a nice glass of wine after work or with a meal. Sometimes however, it can be hard to choose as there is always so many different options. Instead of struggling to choose a bottle of wine, let Wine52 send you a mystery case of wine to experience. The sections below explain how it is possible to get unlimited bottles of wine from Wine52.

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Where Can You Get Unlimited Wine?

Wine52 is a monthly wine subscription service in the UK that sends you a mystery case each month containing a range of wines which are all sourced from winemakers in different countries all over the world.

Each mystery crate contains a magazine which gives you a sneak peak into the different winemakers and the processes involved. These magazines are written to allow you to discover the story behind your wines, and get expert tips to learn more about what you're drinking.

In the past some of these winemakers have even created exclusive wines that are only available to Wine52 subscribers.

Wine52 allows you to choose which type of wine you want sent to you, whether that be white only, red only or a mix of red and white wines. The choice is entierly yours.

How Can You Get Unlimited Wine from Wine52?

Wine52 has a referral scheme that rewards you with a free crate of wine for every friend that signs up to a monthly Wine52 subscription using your referral code. However in order to get access to your referral code you will need to have a monthly subscription yourself. The cheapest subscription you can get is for 3 bottles of mystery wines, a magazine and a couple of snacks for £32 a month.

If you don't have a subscription yet then you can use this Wine52 Link to get 50% off your first month.

Invite A Friend To Wine52 Page;

Once you have signed up to Wine52, click on Wine Club and click Invite A Friend. From there you can copy your referral link and send it to your friends.

Each friend will get there first month for half price when they sign up using your link and as a reward for referring them, you will get a free case of wine. This means that the more people you invite, the more free cases of wine you can get.

How Can You Find More People To Refer?

Referral Page for Wine52;

Wine52 allows you to post your referral link on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Make a TikTok showcasing the wines you get, give your opinion on the wines and then mention at the end of the TikTok videeo that they can get 50% off their first month if they use your referral link

Look for subreddits such as money saving hacks, frugal living, referral codes, wine and freebies uk. Post your referral link on these subreddits as they are always search for a good discount