How To Get A Pair Of Boxers For Free

As far as freebies go, getting a free pair of boxers or free underwear in general probably isn't the first thing that comes to someone's mind. However, given that the price of underwear can range from super cheap to very expensive, it's not a bad freebie to get.

Continue reading on to find out how you can get some free boxers.

Where Can I Get A Free Pair Of Boxers?

On That Ass is a boxers subscription service that sends you a new pair of boxers each month in the mail. On That Ass offers various boxer designs from plain and basic single coloured boxers to colourful boxers with artistic designs.

Every month there is a new theme for each design and it is a complete mystery as to what colour and design of boxers will be sent out to you which makes it a great surprise.

On That Ass even creates an entire storyline around the monthly theme which makes it fun and something unique.

How Can I Get A Free Pair Of Boxers?

Sign up using this On That Ass Referral Link to get your first pair of boxers completely free.

During the sign up process you are given the choice of being sent out boxers with unique and surprising prints or basic colours without any prints.

For the Choose Your Size section, make sure you read the size guide to double check you are picking the correct fit for you.

Referral Page for On That Ass;

On the next page you can choose which design you want on the free pair of boxers. This is the only time it won't be a mystery.

Fill in your details on the next screens and wait for your free pair of boxers to be sent out to you.

Once you have received your freebie, make sure to cancel your subscription so that you don't get charged

How Can I Cancel My Subscription So I Don't Get Charged?

After getting your first pair of boxers for free, you now have the choice of continuing to receive monthly mystery boxers for £10 a month or cancel your subscription so that you are simply only getting the free pair and not spending any money.

For those wishing to cancel, go to the On That Ass website and login in. Click the profile button and go to My Account. Go to the Membership tab and find the Membership Status box. If you try to cancel before your free pair boxers arrive you will see a message saying:

“Your first ON THAT ASS boxershort is on it's way and will be delivered to your doorstep within 7 working days.

Look, wear and wash it as soon as it hits your letterbox.

Is it not exactly what you're looking for? Then you can pause or cancel your trial period here after November 18, 2022.”

Your date on the message will vary depending on when you ordered. Wait until your specific date and then cancel your membership

Bonus Tips

Second Pair For Half price

If you like your free pair of On That Ass boxers then it is possible to get 50% off your second pair.

Go to the Manage Your Membership screen and cancel your membership. On That Ass will give you a 50% discount off your next order when you try to cancel.

Use their offer code to get half price on your next boxer order. After that you can decide to continue your membership paying full price or cancel your membership.

TopCashback Reward

Referral Page for TopCashback;

Quidco Reward

Referral Page for Quidco;

Quidco and TopCashback are both offering cashback for On That Ass. TopCashback are offering slightly higher cashback with a reward of £4.20 versus Quidco who are offering you £4 for signing up to On That Ass.So not only do you get a pair of free boxers but you can also get up to £4.20 as an additional bonus reward.

Once you have signed up to On That Ass you are given a referral discount code that can be used to invite your friends. They will get a free pair of boxers and as a reward for inviting them you will get £10 of store credit. You can find your referral code by going to the My Account Page and clicking the Invite Friends button in the Give £10, Get £10 box.