How To Claim Untracked Cashback Rewards

Normally with cashback websites such as TopCashback, Quidco, OhMyDosh and InboxPounds you would search on these websites for the merchant or retailer you plan to buy something for, click a get cashback button and then make your purchase.

This should automatically track when you buy something and reward you with cashback. However every so often this doesn't work properly and it doesn't register when you make a purchase. When this happens you can manually claim the cashback by submitting a claim.

For some websites it's as simple as filling out a small form with some basic details whereas for other cashback websites it requires evidence through screen shots etc.

Please see below for a tutorial on how to claim untracked cashback for each website and the processes will differ slightly.


TopCashback Untracked Missing Cashback Claim

Before you claim missing cashback, make sure you met the following requirements for TopCashback:

Lodge a claim, if your cashback

  • isn't showing on your account after 7 days
  • has been declined
  • shows at a different amount. Do not lodge a claim, if your cashback
  • is taking longer than you were expecting. Please submit a support ticket instead. Once you've lodged a claim
  • Their investigations take on average 1 - 3 months from the date the claim is submitted.

If you still need to submit a cashback claim then go to the bottom of the TopCashback page and click Customer Service and go to the Missing Cashback page.

On the Missing Cashback Claim page, select the reason that fits your issue the best, whether that be because your cashback has been tracked, your cashback has been declined or the cashback reward you received was less than you expected.

And for the rest of the form select the retailer, date and time of purchase, the cashback offer such as online purchase, new customer purchase or existing customer purchase etc and finally the amount you spent.

After that there is nothing more to do except wait for TopCashback to get back to you in 1-3 months after they have completed their investigation.

If you are using the TopCashback mobile app then you can find Customer Service under More -> My Account -> Customer Service. From there it's a similar process to the website.

If your cashback is taking longer than expected then you can submit a support ticket rather than an untracked cashback claim. To submit a support ticket, click Customer Service at the button of the TopCashback page and then click Contact Us.


To submit a Quidco missing cashback claim, go to the bottom of the Quidco website or App and under the Support section there is an option for “Missing Cashback Claim”.

Next Quidco will ask you to fill in a couple of questions such as the retailer that you are missing the cashback for and the issue such as missing cashback, declined cashback or the wrong cashback amount. On the next page you will need to confirm the date and time of your purchase.

Quidco may ask for evidence to help support your claim which may include taking a screenshot of your receipt. As you have likely purchased the items online, you will have received an email receipt containing a confirmation of your purchase from the retailer when you originally bought the items.

After you have submitted your Quidco Untracked or Missing claim, it will take up to 6 months for them to investigate.


To submit an untracked cashback claim on OhMyDosh, you need to scroll to the bottom of their website and click Helpdesk and then choose My Offers.

From here you have a choice of which scenario is related to your issue. Select one of them and on the next page there should be a Submit Ticket button.

Clicking the Submit Ticket button will display a form you can fill in and detail the current issue you are having such as an untracked missing cashback reward.

Please note that OhMyDosh will require evidence of your purchase. The following pieces of evidence are required depending on the retailer you purchased something from:

Non-Gambling offer - Please provide a screenshot like a welcome email.

  1. Make sure that your name, the retailer,
  2. the time and date of receipt are shown.

Gambling offer - Please provide 4 screenshots.

  1. 1 - Your account page showing both your and the retailer's name.
  2. 2 - The time and date of your deposit
  3. 3 - The time and date of the play history.
  4. 4 - Your welcome e-mail with the time and date you received it clearly visible

OhMyDosh have a fast turn around when it comes to submitting claims and you should hear back from the OhMyDosh support team within 2 working days with an update on your claim.


To submit a untracked claim on InboxPounds, click on your username and one of the option should be for Support.

In the very top left hand corner of your screen there's a small button with the text “Submit a request”. Click this button and you will be shown a form to fill in.

Include any details and if you are missing a reward there's a field you can fill in with the following text: “If you are missing credit, please let us know the amount.”. For this field InboxPounds wants you to fill it in a certain way. For example if you are missing £1 or perhaps $3 then you would put 100 or 300 in this field respectively with any current symbols.