How To Get Free Food For Referring People

How Is It Possible To Get Free Food For Referring People?

When someone uses your referral link or referral code when signing up to a website or app as a new customer, the retailer will reward you for referring that person to them.

Referral rewards can normally range from discount vouchers and money off to store credit and free items. The retailers listed below will reward you with either store credit, which gives you the option of being able to buy anything from that shop within the amount of credit you have for free, or they might just give you a specific item for free.

The best type of referral reward is that store credit because you can refer multiple people to build up the credit and eventually get expensive items for free.

1. Simply Cook

Referral Page for Simply Cook

Simply Cook is one of the best food related referral rewards out there. Everytime you refer a person to Simply Cook you get a free box from them containing 4 recipe kits and 4 recipe cards.

The person you refer to Simply Cook get there first box for free. The best part about this referral is that if that person cancels their subscription after their first free box, you still get your free box reward for referring them.

For more information, check out our blog article on: How To Get Unlimited Simply Cook Boxes For Free

2. Cutter and Squidge

Referral Page for Cutter and Squidge

Cutter and Squidge are a family run, all natural bakery that offer delicious premium cakes and bakes.

Thanks to their referral program you can get free cakes for referring people to Cutter and Squidge.

Every time you refer someone to Cutter and Squidge and they spend a minimum of £30 on their first order, you will get 500 - 1000 reward points which equates to £5 - £10.

These points stack so you can refer multiple people and get a large expensive item or multiple small items for free.

For more information, check out the page at: Cutter And Squidge

3. Tastecard

Referral Page for Tastecard

Tastecard is a discount membership platform that gives you a wide range of discounts for example:

50% off food at 1000s of restaurants in the UK such as Zizz, Prezzo and more

25% off barista-made drinks such as at Caffe Nero, Krispy Kreme and more

50% off pizza delivery such as Dominos, Papa Johns and Pizza Hut

And extra discounts on many other categories such as Travel, Tech, Fashion and Beauty

So how do you get free food from this? As a reward for referring someone to Tastecard, you will be rewarded with a £5 Amazon Gift Card Voucher. You can use this to get free food from Amazon or buy anything else you want with it.

For the person you referred, they will get 90 days of Tastecard membership for free. They can always cancel their membership before the 90 days are up so they dont have to pay anything and you still get your £5 Amazon Gift Card Voucher, as long as they have had the free membership for at least 40 days before cancelling.

4. Shopmium

Referral Page for Shop

Shopmium is a mobile app that offers you exclusive access to discounts and offers on your everyday purchases whether that would be through buying them online or in a supermarket.

Simply look through the Shopmium app to see if there are any products you are planning on buying to see if you get a discount them on. After you purchase the item online or in a shop, all you need to do is upload your receipt to the Shopmium app and it will reward you with cashback.

When you refer a friend or refer a family member to Shopmium and they sign up via the app and they get their first cashback, they will be rewarded with a free tube of Pringles.

As a reward for referring them, you will receive £3 which you can stack up and withdraw once you have built up some referral rewards.

You can use this money to buy any food from any store you want for free.

For more information, check out the page at: Shopmium

5. Candymail

Referral Page for candymail

Candymail is a UK based sweet shop that allows you to buy drinks, sweets and treats from different countries all around the world. Discover new flavours of sweets from countries such as:

Japanese Sweets

Australian Sweets

Canadian Sweets

Sweets from Dubai

European Treats

Indian Treats

Irish Sweets

Classic British Sweets

For those of you who are feeling adventurous, Candy Mail sell Mystery Sweets and Mystery Drinks boxes for different countries.

If you refer a friend, family member or random stranger to Candy Mail will be rewarded with 400 Sweet Points which works out to £2.50 store credit.

If you refer multiple people you can build up your points and have a feast of sweets from around the world all for free.

For more information, check out the page at: Candy Mail